Fourth Annual Gathering of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jérémie”

 from Friday, May 27 to Monday, May 30, 2016.

Never before has our Friday night "Fritay" Night Serenade been such a great success. Almost everybody arrived and attended that special evening. The Saturday brunch, which has become a treat, was unforgettably festive where everyone was treated to the touch of the artistic vision of our hostess, Carine Apollon, a tropical theme of colours and sunlight. At our Saturday evening Gala, we added a new twist for everyone's pleasure, a Salsa and Chachacha dance show by a renowned Haitian professional dancer, James "Salsa"  Jolivert who performed with an upcoming dance star, Renerve Nelson. The Gala came very close to a red carpet event. Once again, the remodeled Palm Coast Yacht Club was the venue of choice. There were about 140 friends, families, and invited guests who reveled in the joy of the event. We closed the Weekend Bash on Sunday with another lively brunch. 


Fifth Annual Gathering of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jérémie”

 from Friday, May 26 to Monday, May 29, 2017.
Well, well, well, we can't cease to impress ourselves and everyone else! This year was really impressive. The atmosphere was to die for. From Friday night, commonly known as "Fritay" Night to the huge culminating event gala on Sunday evening, the ambiance reached its boiling point. DJ Georges and DJ Salsa took the entertainment to anther level.
A big THANK YOU to DJ Salsa for providing his selfless services to the event!!! Remember, if you're in South Florida and are in need of a top-flight DJ, call DJ James Salsa at 305.647.9508. He is the best!!!
We can't thank Carine enough for her tireless devotion to the success of this event. We couldn't make it happen without her. We also took the opportunity to thank KC Healthy Cooking by presenting a plaque to Chef Jerry Dominique for their support at our last fundraising on December 3, 2016 to benefit families in Jeremie.

Third Annual Gathering of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jérémie”

 from Friday, May 22 to Monday, May 25, 2015.

Once again, our gathering has reached a new height. This year, we introduced an evening gala on Saturday, which became an evening of elegance. Palm Coast Yacht Club was the venue of choice and it did not disappoint. More than 120 friends, families, and invited guests reveled in the joy of the event. Earlier in the day, we had a brunch buffet-style, where everyone partook and danced. For our traditional Friday’s serenade we enjoyed the talents of Maestro Malou and Gerard Charles who joined us this year. They sent us back to our summer vacation nights of yesteryear when we were vacationing back in Jérémie. Finally, on Sunday, we put a memorable touch on the event finale with a picnic at Washington Oaks Park.


Second Annual Gathering of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jérémie”

from Friday, May 24 to Monday, May 27, 2013


After a generally successful first gathering, the organizers reviewed the few different parts of the logistics that needed some improvement. So this year, invitation cards were sent out to members and guests. The festivities were a great success not only logistically but financially. Unfortunately, "Malou" Parnel Cledanor and "Maestro Colas" were not able to join us. But, the fun, the music, the food, and the dancing did not miss a step. DJ Georges Laforest was at the height of our expectation and his diversified choice of music was to our pleasure. Click on the button to the left for the slide show.

First Annual Gathering of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jeremie”.

From Friday, May 25 to Monday, May 28, 2012.


Our First Annual of “Les Amis de la Place Dumas de Jérémie” took place the weekend of Memorial Day in 2012 in Palm Coast Florida at the home of Alex and Carine Apollon. Friends and family began to arrive on Friday for the festivities. Later that evening, the traditional serenade began as the kick-off to the celebration. It was an ambiance of joy and excitement to have amongst us two of the three famous musicians of our time, “Malou” Parnel Clédanor, lead singer of the “Fantaisistes de Jérémie”, and his brother-in-law, “Maestro” Jean-Raymond Colas, lead guitarist of the group “Hispaniola”. There are no words to describe the festive atmosphere that set in that weekend. Please click on the button under the picture to watch the slide show and have an idea

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